Double Disc (Trailed)

S-1500 / S-2500 Hanging Type Fertilizer Spreader
The brother of the S Series,
Solid body construction and perfect workmanship,
Ideal lightweight and sturdy structure, compact design, comfortable workability,
Double hydraulic opening and closing system for more precise and efficient control, higher work performance,
Hydraulic control, provided as a standard, provides fertilizer consumption at the beginning of the borders,
Stainless steel manure spreading system for many years without problems,
With a work width of up to 36 meters and easily adjustable wings, it provides an unbeatable perfect spreading process in its class,
High precision dosing,
It will not tire you! 1500-2500 lt storage volume with wide filling mouth and low filling height,
Perfectly homogenous mix thanks to specially designed and horizontally positioned mixers,
Unbeatable transmission quality,
Stainless steel boundary cutter for fertilizer saving and environmental control,
Sieve system that allows easy access and cleaning,
Positioned flow directors for more precise manure release,
Foldable special design tent system that can be opened in 3/2 ratio,
Comfort and safety with standard fender system and steel environmental barriers.
Large and reflective warning plates, the highest standard of safety in traffic thanks to standard electric lighting,
The best quality partner for those who want fast and maximum reliable spreading!

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