Megastar-K (Offset Disc Harrow)

The working width is decreased for road security by folding the side batteries on transport position for our more than 40discs ofset types.The tractor power necessity is between 150-300hp according to number of discs. You can make your choice until 64 disc , 6.6 m working width according to your tractor power. Our machine that predominantly used on primary soil preperation is prefered by the farmers who have a big strong tractors.It can reach more working depth according to the soil conditions.You can make the processing more economical on preperation of seed bed for secondary product and stabble processing so your costs fall away.Especially it teems for the soil processing on big parcels and its working success reachs 40da/h with 8km/h related to model. It is a suitable machine for reduced soil processing and minimum soil processing that become important in the last years.  It has more model alternatives with 22cm Disc spaces ,560mm – 610mm – 660mm disc diameters , plain and notched type discs.These alternatives enable to farmers for choosing the most suitable equipment for their own conditions.The disc direction angle that can be opened to 22C gets good soil working and also desired working depth. 2 pieces of land type tyres with the size 10.0/75 15.3 are used for each machines until 44 discs. For 44 discs and more 4 pieces of tyres are used.

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